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The Wire

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The first season of The Wire (2002) concentrated on the often-futile efforts of police to infiltrate a West Baltimore drug ring headed by Avon Barksdale and his lieutenant, Stringer Bell. In Seasons Two and Three, as the Barksdale investigation escalated, new storylines involving pressures on the working class and the city's political leadership were introduced. Season Four focused on the stories of several young boys in the public school system, struggling with problems at home and the lure of the corner - set against the rise of a new drug empire in West Baltimore and a new Mayor in City Hall. The fifth and final season of The Wire centers on the media's role in addressing - or failing to address - the fundamental political, economic and social realities depicted over the course of the series, while also resolving storylines of the numerous characters woven throughout the narrative arc of the show.

Saison 1

Episode 1: The Target

Episode 2: The Detail

Episode 3: The Buys

Episode 4: Old Cases

Episode 5: The Pager

Episode 6: The Wire

Episode 7: One Arrest

Episode 8: Lessons

Episode 9: Game Day

Episode 10: The Cost

Episode 11: The Hunt

Episode 12: Cleaning Up

Episode 13: Sentencing

Saison 2

Episode 1: Ebb Tide

Episode 2: Collateral Damage

Episode 3: Hot Shots

Episode 4: Hard Cases

Episode 5: Undertow

Episode 6: All Prologue

Episode 7: Backwash

Episode 8: Duck and Cover

Episode 9: Stray Rounds

Episode 10: Storm Warnings

Episode 11: Bad Dreams

Episode 12: Port in a Storm

Saison 3

Episode 1: Time After Time

Episode 2: All Due Respect

Episode 3: Dead Soldiers

Episode 4: Hamsterdam

Episode 5: Straight and True

Episode 6: Homecoming

Episode 7: Back Burners

Episode 8: Moral Midgetry

Episode 9: Slapstick

Episode 10: Reformation

Episode 11: Middle Ground

Episode 12: Mission Accomplished

Saison 4

Episode 1: Boys of Summer

Episode 2: Soft Eyes

Episode 3: Home Room

Episode 4: Refugees

Episode 5: Alliances

Episode 6: Margin of Error

Episode 7: Unto Others

Episode 8: Corner Boys

Episode 9: Know Your Place

Episode 10: Misgivings

Episode 11: A New Day

Episode 12: That's Got His Own

Episode 13: Final Grades

Saison 5

Episode 1: More with Less

Episode 2: Unconfirmed Reports

Episode 3: Not for Attribution

Episode 4: Transitions

Episode 5: React Quotes

Episode 6: The Dickensian Aspect

Episode 7: Took

Episode 8: Clarifications

Episode 9: Late Editions

Episode 10: -30-



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